Why is ‘The Edge’ The Best Guitarist of the 21st Century?

the edge

A good guitarist is someone who can reach out to his audience and strike a connecting point with them. While there are very few who have achieved it, The Edge is one among them. Yes, we understand that ‘The Edge’ is not a proper noun, but that’s what the man calls himself on stage. Of stage, he is known by the name David Howell Evans. He is ranked as one among the top 100 guitarists of all time. There are a lot of other facts that you ought to know about this legendary musician. Keep reading to know more interesting facts about The Edge.

the edge


Things that you didn’t about The Edge:

  • The Edge is very versatile as an artist. Apart from being the lead guitarist of his band, he is also a musician, song writer, keyboardist and a backing vocalist. He has recorded one solo album and 13 studio albums as well.
  • He has comparatively taken only a few steps in his career but has reached far beyond the point reached by his peers. Great things come in small packages. Similarly, though his collection is a small package, all his songs are loved and listened by all music lovers unanimously.
  • The best thing about the Edge is that he is not someone who is full of himself all the time. The minimalism of this role in some of the songs is actually considered a brilliant contribution.
  • He is clear of what can quench his ardent followers and others alike, which makes him a person who can never be hated.
  • He can coat his riffs with a way too much distortion and treat it extremely electronic, but he is capable of doing it without betraying his playing credo. This is what makes him a great addition to any band.
  • Music is an art, and sometimes you have to get into the shoes of the artist to understand what it means. Understand the artist, and probably you might love the person better.
  • The fact that most of us do not know is that three very different guitarists were invited during the making of the movie ‘It Might Get Loud’ and The Edge was one among them.
  • Each player has his own style, and the Edge is the master of effects. At the end of the day if the song works and there is a loud roar of applause after the players bow their heads, then anything under the sky is fine. Undoubtedly the Edge is one among them.