The Phantom Of the Opera – One of the Best Songs of Nightwish till Date!

The Phantom Of the Opera

There are a lot of independent musicians and a lot of bands that get easily recognized today. There are a lot of platforms available to showcase their talents. But the same wasn’t the case two decades ago. Here is one musical band that is 21 years old. Let’s see who they are and the song that made a lot of heads turn?

The Phantom Of the Opera

The beginning of Nightwish:

It all began one mysterious evening. Dawn broke, and the dusk crept in, and there was this one mind that was thinking about devouring the whole world with the magic of music. Probably this is how Nightwish would like to introduce themselves.

It was actually a planner that was initiated for a solo project by Tuomas Holopainen. He wanted to turn the globe upside down with atmospheric mood music. The very thought gave him all the energy that he wanted to reach great heights.Soon guitarist Emppu and vocalist Tarja get on board followed by the other crew members. They called themselves ‘Nightwish,’ a Finnish metal band. Though there were difficulties in the budding stage, after a few hits there was no turning back.

Here we would like to bring back to your memory a song that was born a decade and a half ago and is still ruling the hearts of multitudes. If you are a Nightwish fan and had listened to the songs of this particular album Century Child, then you already know which song we are talking about. It none other than ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’

The Phantom of the Opera:

‘The phantom of the opera’ is from the album ‘Century Child’ composed by the Finnish Symphonic Metal band Nightwish. The album was released in the year 2002 and became an instant hit. It is the fourth album of Nightwish and is their album which features current bassist and male vocalist Marco Hietala. It became the second best-selling album of the year 2002 and more than 3,50,000 copies were sold during the years 2002 and 2003. The team received acclaim across the globe.

The song was sung by Tarja Turunen with Emppu as the guitarist. The drums and the percussion were taken care by Jukka, and the composer of the music was Tuomas Holopainen. In addition to Tarja, Marco Tapani extended his vocals and played the bass guitar. The same team has gone for a lot of live performances of the same song. The song begins with a Belting by Tarja, and she can literally bring her audience down to tears. The belting portion gives the song a classical appearance and even before you realize it turns into a hard rock song making the listeners go crazy. The audience goes ecstatic when they listen to their favorite band performing on stage.

The song is history, if you haven’t heard it before, it’s high time. Do it right now.