Presidential wave-John Kerry’s musical past revealed


What is it about these left-not-left wing politicians? First we had Tone Blair and his straggle-haired prog rock Ugly Rumours. Now it’s emerged that US presidential hopeful John Kerry bashed out some bass back in the sixties.Kerry played with The Electras, a surf rock instrumental band formed by Kerry and prep school chums in between tournaments of the biscuit game. The Electras got as far as releasing an album with a limited run of 500 – copies of which are currently available on Ebay for under twenty bucks.

Guitarist Larry Rand has a master recording of a live rehearsal by the band, which features Kerry mussing things up by standing too close to a speaker. Feedback ensues. “In retrospect, we can assume he was simply experimenting with feedback and learning to move into a different level of music, long before Jimi Hendrix got there”, Rand told USA today.